June 25th

Hello Blogging World! I just went thru a mini journey and time has flown by quickly. My pc went down and I lost everything.. including the password to this blog LOL but I finally got it. When I logged back in I found that the blog has been viewed and commented on quite a bit, so I did the happy dance…. till I started reading the comments. Seems as though Viagra and Cialas ads were finding homes in this blog. I find this totally distasteful since this is a team RFL blog. We deal with raising funds to find a cure for cancer. We arent concerned with getting an erection tyvm. Most of us dont even have the equipment for those anyway. So to you the viagra/cilas commenter, before you hit submit, why dont you really take a look at what this blog is about first.

Ok off my soap box and on to more interesting news. In Mid-June, the team hit the 100k point for donations ! I dont think we will be able to hit 250k this year though thinking logically but with my health and health of teammates declining I dont want any of us over pushing our bodies cause we all have our own personal battles to fight. However next year.. watch out! My illness isnt cancer related but my moms (arabella) is. Ya, shes back in chemo. Its rough but shes a fighter and she will make it thru again. Another team member is having a heart cath put in even as I type this entry. Another is having issues with her kids cutting and hurting other kids. With all of our troubles happening though we are still fully committed to RFL and it brings us together even tighter as a family.

In last entry I mentioned we got a new team member, Jesie. (btw, heres where I start to cry). I am soooo fortunate to have quickly gained a bond with her. I call her sister cause this woman is just oh so FABULOUS! In the time shes been with us, shes brought some really great ideas for events. We weren’t able to pull it off this year but no one said we had to rush planning and do it this season. When we did the one multi-team event, she took it under her wing and ran with it. When the RFL Weekend Campsites announcement went out, she helped collaborate a design and shes been busting her butt on the bulk of the build making it totally awesome and then the rest of us work on the details she needs to really get some great information in there. I owe her so much and we are truly blessed to have someone as great as her. She took the lead so much that I have promoted her to Co-Capt of the team. Shes really stepped up when a few of us couldn’t and deserves the recognition with that title.

So where are we at right now? Well we still got tons of stars I need to make for the Walk of Fame (I lost the psd file on that and had to remake it). We still got the yard sale up on the sim of Sinful Pleasures. I am currently working on the Journeyman quests and trying to get ready to complete it at RFL Weekend. If any team member wants to do it let me know and I will be able to help you. I have to run for now but I need to cover the LV Raffles in my next entry .. stay tuned..