Where has April gone??

April flew by so fast.. I got a lot to catch up on so lets get this started..

02 Apr – Jesie Janick joined the Silver Screeners! We get new members coming in still and each one of you are special but Jesie joining us makes me REALLY happy.. Why you ask? Cause this years Relay Weekend I wont be chasing her. In 2012 Relay Weekend, Jesie walked the most laps. That year I struggled and just couldn’t hang. When 2013 Relay Weekend came I was ready. I trained for two weeks prior. It was important to me to bring it home for the team. Aside from being competitive, which I acknowledge I am, I thought if we could get that honor of most laps walked, it would inspire other team members. So I trained myself to do small stuff one handed so i was constantly having my avi move. I would get RL stuff done super fast so I could return to quickly from being afk. It started off I was behind her in 2013 but then the training paid off and I was able to get ahead however that glimmer of pride for my team quickly dimmed and I was not able to get it done. This year I am determined.. And I am even going to challenge team mates.. If 4 members (not including myself) make top 15 of most walked laps during the RFL Relay Weekend 2014, I’ll either donate 25000L into the team kiosk or the USD equivalent into CONVIO. Hope Jesie has got her running shoes ready!

18/19 Apr Springfest – Jesie was eager to help out with events and such so when the ntoice was sent out about Springfest, we signed up to run 7Seas contest and Bumper Boats while she not only hosted by she DJ’d too. We met a lot of new people who came to the events we did and we raised roughly 6k in those 2 days that put us over the 50k mark.

Kelsi and I started setting up vendors on LV where the teams home base is on Sinful Pleasures. We put items from Gachas we had in and Kelsi started putting old Meeroos in vendors too trying to find good homes for her little guys. We are putting more stuff out weekly so feel free to come by and check out the vendors..

Aprils Raffle at LV was Win a 7 Day Rental per Month for One Year. This months raffle winner was Mitka Dover. Mitka
Shes a sweet lil kid that we met during Springfest and she came to LV and checked out our raffle. Grats Kiddo!