LV’s Walk of Fame!

In trying to find a new spin on what to do this RFL season, I came up with something new.. the LV Walk of Fame. Its our version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame where the stars are lined on the sidewalk. Its a way we can recognize our supporters and say thank you to those who put their lindens into our kiosks.

So here how its goes. I got stars in bronze, silver, gold, sapphire, emerald, ruby and purple. Make a donation in the dollar amount listed and BAM.. in a couple days a star will appear on our floor with your name on it and colored in the amount.

7DeaPp3So then I got to thinking and really wanted to encourage people.. I decided to make the donations cumulative so people could reach the purple star. This lead to something I am kind of known for amount the LV Staff… Another Google Doc! The google doc is a listing of donations as reported when I process the donations to make stars. You can find it HERE.

My hope is that the entire stone floor at LV is covered in stars of all colors. If you would like a copy of your star, let me know! GO RELAY!