Kick Off Weekend

What a week .. I swear it blew on by! It dawned on me that I hadnt posted yet about Kick Off weekend which was last weekend. So let me recap .. Saturday morning Ara and I got to the Kick Off Ceremony area bright and early. We wanted to get a good spot and we surely did. Turnout was amazing! I said it before and I will say it again .. it warms my heart seeing so many people for RFL. There were a lot of heartfelt moments but nothing stands out more than NikkiB. She read one of the most heartfelt letter to her father that really had me in tears. I am honored that I was there to share in that moment.

After KickOff I went to check on the hut and found that all the vendors were sold! I had to quickly restock and I had to restock a couple times more which was totally awesome. I go to Gacha events a lot and I been stuffing vendors full of extras ive gotten and some rares that I really dont want but I knew someone would. As I was stocking the booth I noticed Trader Whiplash was at the Kissing Booth working Stinky the Skunk off. I still get a kick when I think about how I snuck off and skunked them and then dropped the piece of information in a lil birdys ear. I knew it would get back to them quickly. The trouble with skunking a team though is its addictive. I want another rush of it.. Who should my next target be?

Snapshot _ RFL Kickoff 4, RFL Kickoff 4 (2, 136, 26) - GeneralSnapshot _ RFL Kickoff 4, RFL Kickoff 4 (2, 136, 26) - Bobbikitty

During the 5pm-6pm hour it was my turn in the kissing booth. I was just a lonely frog looking for a kiss. I sent the word out and soon people came. Pictured above is Tiffany Scribe, Bobbi LaSalle and PrettyKitty Gumbo.. These lovely ladies puckered up for the cause. Bobbi was really amazing I must say. She always is one to support our team which I am forever greatful. I didnt have much longer to go when Kitty came and she reached out into the volunteers group and people came. In the end, we made our goal!


Sunday was the last official day of kickoff and it was Family Feud Day! Silver Screeners were chosen as an alternate team only which meant there was a chance we wouldnt get to play. And.. we didnt. <enter sad face here> .. But we stayed and cheered everyone on! The set looked amazing and soo much fun to play. Ara and I were giving answers in IM and I gotta tell ya, if we ever get to play in another event, watch out.. Ara is a Family Feud champ!

ff ff4 ff2

Kick Off flew by .. I got back to the sims on Monday and just in the nick of time. I ran into Sunshine and she told me Grace was going to start dismantling shortly.. I laced up my sneakers and off I ran so I could visit team huts, buy up what I could and see the build. I am so happy I did .. I got bongos! he he

Well that covers Kick Off.. onto Team Event planning and all that happy jazz. Till next time..