OMG what a day!


Zadi the Frog here, the roaming reporter for the Silver Screeners.. Today has been a busy busy busy day! A lot of funny stuff happened today though.. So lets get to it shall we..

So Feb 8-March 8 is Paint SL Purple which is why I’m a frog. I spent the beginning part of Paint SL Purple decked out in purple hair and purple clothes but then when I got the purple frog I knew I had to spend the rest of it as a frog. I went out today in SL (which I dont do much) and ran into our event chair Nikki Mathieson at a Johnny Paramour concert.. and hold on to your hats folks, she wasnt wearing purple!
niki 0307(Side note : Now I love me some Johnny Paramour! If you havent heard him perform YOU NEED TO!) So now team members a challenge… I say we kidnap Nikki for our Jail n Bail event coming in upcoming months. Think we can do it?? I think we can get her!

In other news.. Today we got the LM and access to the kick off sims to set up. It was so great seeing people I know and saying hi as we were all setting up. Anyway, when I landed I was lost.. No tent anywhere around. So I IM’d Sunshine and she got it fixed .. but then, it got worse.. Where does she stick us?? Antarctica! I tell ya I cant get away from snow .. Thanks bunches Sunshine! Luv ya too!


In all seriousness folks, these committee members have worked their tails off and Im so happy to see kickoff the success it is already. So many people came out not just to set up but to spend time with one another. I was just in awe as the crowd kept growing bigger and bigger at the center pier.


Man oh Man I LOVE RFL Season! Tomorrow is Kick Off ceremony and the sims will be open to the public. KickOff ceremony starts at Noon but ya might wanna get here earlier so you are here. At 5pm SLT the Silver Screeners will be in charge of the kissing booth. Our challenge is to make 1700L. On Sunday team members will gather for Family Feud. Now we are only an alternate team but we still need to be there in case another team cant participate and also so we can help support everyone!

Its time I find a log to go crawl into.. Till next time..