Wednesday News

Today the old hut came down  and construction for the new one started. It was a day of mixed emotions on top of a pounding migraine. I got the base laid out and found its really hard to terraform when all you see is white snow thats almost blinding. Tomorrow will be landscaping and such but I got 2 really big announcements..

Silver Screeners have broken 2 records so far.. and the season is offically starting this weekend. First, this is the 1st time we have used convio for donations. Today we got our second convio donation of $65 thanks to Kelsi! Second record we broke was the fastest it took us to 25,000L balance. While techically the kiosk total wont update, comparing the convio bal to the team totals, we have hit 25k and damn proud of it. Within 3 minutes of me rezzing out the kiosk, donations were coming in. What a great way to start the RFL Season. GO RELAY!

Till Next Time.. <3 Z