Saying Goodbye to the Silver Screener RFL Hut


Now before you all are like sad and asking why are we taking it down, its so a new area can be laid out. But this entry isnt about the new area we will have.. So lets take a look back..

The current LV Silver Screener Hut was actually the 2cd home to our team. The first hut we had was one the old Lightening Video sim and it was something we used from the 2012 RFL KickOff weekend. At the time they gave us these 10×10 huts that we could decorate. We loved it so much that after KickOff, we parceled out a section of the sim and thats where it sat. This pic below is what it looked like. Cute huh!?hut5In early 2013 when we moved Lightening Video over to the other sim, we knew we wanted to have a larger area. Something we could share information, events, team member info etc. Suddenly the hut grew as did our members. Kit Daffyd took on the task of creating our new space.


The first part of the hut held our team Why I Relay boards that shared with others our personal reasons for being involved with RFL. It also had the mission posters up as well.


The last part of our hut was dedicated to MamaP’s concept of One Team. Here we had the event boards set up and I reached out to team captains asking them to send me their event boards so I could display them. We also had the Relay Rockers and Petuniia put up vendors of their items. While it was important we had donations coming in for our team, we wanted fully embrace the one team concept and this was our way of doing just that.


The middle section to the hut was my favorite and each year it gets bigger. Its the teams collections area. Its just an assortment collection of our teams items.

I sure will miss this place.. Thanks again to Kit for making our home for the last year + .. I do look forward to the new area. Bet your asking when it will be rezzed out and what it will look like?? Well thats another entry.. maybe tomorrow MUAHAHAHA!

Till next time..


PS. Hut demolish to begin morning of Wednesday March 5th