Meet our coach, Tivi

Good morning everyone! Its a great Sunday morning here.. got good tunes playing, hot coffee, and SL not lagging for once. Outside its not so pleasant as the clouds are thick in the sky while the snow falls for yet another wonderful snowstorm. (Do hope you hear the sarcasm in that.. Im really getting sick of the snow!) Since I am stuck indoors, its a great time to post to the blog.. yay

As I mentioned in previous post, I was going to send out a NC to Tivi asking her questions and such so we all can get familiar with her. Let me say first, that it was so great talking to her the little time we did yesterday. She seems really nice and all around a great person. I cant wait to pick her brain about things so I can learn from her.

Before I get into the Q&A, let me introduce her. Tivi is obviously a nickname, her full SL name should you need to contact her is Tiviyah. That should come up in search by itself but if it doesnt try Tiviyah Resident. She came into SL in December of 2011 and judging by her profile, she looks to have accomplished a lot of things in Second Life. She is a model with work in live modeling, runway modeling as well as print/video work and holds several titles. Tivi also is a competitive dancer, scripter, builder and pose-maker. In digging to learn about her, I even learned she was also a DJ too, though thats on hold according to her DJ group. The more I began to dig the more I wanted to learn about her. I dont want to go too much into her RL stuffs here but I can tell that she fights for what she believes in and she gives it her all. Tivi is very passionate in anything she does or any wrongs that she fights to make right.

On a side note, Tivi if your reading this, we are all sorry to hear about the loss of your grandfather and our prayers are with you and your family.


On Saturday, I sent Tivi a notecard with the questions for her. This is how it went.

Zadi: Our team members are all over. Myself I am from Pennsylvania. CoCapts are in Arizona, Illinois, Florida, Michigan. Other team members are Alabama, New York, Arkansas.. we even have a member who is in Hawaii and is a native. Without getting too detailed, what part of the world are you from?

Tiviyah: I’m in Alabama. 

Zadi: I was reading your bio you sent out to captians of the teams you are assigned. It didnt say if you were a survivor or caregiver but you have an long history relaying so it got me wondering why? Are you a survivor/caregiver?

Tiviyah: I am a caregiver, but that’s not what started me relaying.  I joined the Relay committee as my college on a whim, as an extra curricular activity to do.  I fell in love with Relay when I was asked to plan the Luminaria ceremony… just watching everything and everyone and how passionate they were about it was amazing.  I was asked after that year to start doing Luminaria for the county’s committee, and even when I moved, they have me advise the person who took over my position.

Zadi: Now you have been doing RFL in RL for 6 years, did you find it hard going from an RL RFL to SL RFL?

Tiviyah: Not really.  I was mostly on the planning side of Relay in RL.  I did walk the Caregiver lap and then walked a few more with the sorority I was pledging my first year, but other than that, I was running around doing general troubleshooting during the events.  Coming into SL was a new opportunity to captain my own team and see that side of things, and as much as I liked it, it sort of further re-affirmed that my place is behind the scenes helping plan.  But Relay is Relay.  And in fact, I tend to enjoy SL Relays more because of the diversity afforded in a virtual world, and the limitations that we’re not bound by in a real-world setting.

Zadi: I know this is your 3rd year relaying in Second Life, how did you first get involved with it in SL?

Tiviyah: I sorta just happened upon a Relay for Life kiosk my first year captaining and went, “What?!  There’s Relay in SL?!”  Immediately that night I talked to my partner at the time and we agreed to try co-captaining a team together, getting our friends together.  From there, my second year, I started out serving as a co-captain for a team and when that didn’t work out in the best interest of everyone involved, I stepped back and sorta relayed from the outskirts that year.  This year, here I am.  🙂

Zadi: What would you say is the best part of an SL RFL? Is there a reason why you selected that part?

Tiviyah: I don’t feel like there is a ‘best part’.  The overall Relay experience is amazing to me.  I love seeing all the different themes and how people walk them on g-rated sims, the Luminaria brings me to tears every year, as does the Survivor/Caregiver lap, though for different reasons.  It is amazing to watch people get involved in walking a track that they may not otherwise be able to walk in RL, for various reasons.  I know I, myself, can’t handle the RL track anymore, so it is nice to be able to walk my laps virtually.  Overall, Relay itself is the best part.  🙂

Zadi: What do you look forward most about this upcoming season? Do you have any goals your hoping to set?

Tiviyah: Ya know, I’m a Teams Coach first, and so my first goal is to be available to my teams to help with whatever they may need from me.  In addition (and secondary, as Dwen likes to remind me… haha) I am working with the Customer Support portion of Tech stuff… so I’m currently working, during this time before kick-off, to train our coaches and a few more “Tech Support” committee members to help coaches and team members with the fundraising tools and other tech-related things.  So, as vague as it sounds, I look forward to helping people as much as I can… and watch the efforts of everyone come together to make a successful Relay this year.

Zadi: Do you have any words of advice or anything you would want to share with the Silver Screeners?

Tiviyah: Compound on the strengths of your members.  Even if it’s not something you originally thought of including in your Relay, try to find a way to make everyone feel their talents are of use to you.  That feeling of being a productive member of something as amazing as Relay… who knows what it could lead to.  Someone picking me up on my RL committee my first year and saying, “You’re a creative person with a love of music and event planning.  Do you want to do Luminaria?” helped me find a place that I ‘fit in’ on that committee.  And we see where it’s gotten me now.  🙂

Zadi: Do you have any questions for me/us?

Tiviyah: No questions from me.  🙂  Goooo Relay!

Thanks to Tivi for answering our questions and supplying her headshot for me to use in this post.

Coming up on the next entry is … Demolition of the old LV Silver Screener hut and the placement of our new team area. Till next time..