Captains Meeting Part 2

Today was such a fun day.. Ya know what I love about RFL the most, the atmosphere. Ive been throughout different areas in SL and I gotta say the people who participate in RFL are the best. Not implying the others arent, great cause they are.. but RFL Volunteers Just Do It Better. Hmm T-shirt Idea.. will have to see if I can trademark that. (kidding)

Captain P2 Pre Meeting1

Anyway, right before the meeting people were gathering, saying hello and relaxing before we started. Suddenly we hear the sounds of someone enjoying something really crunchy. It sounded so good and reminded me of Cheetos. Ya know how you get cheese all over your fingers and you to suck your fingers clean slurping loudly?? I went in search of the slurper.. and found her sitting right next to me.. To my surprise it was Committee member in charge of Mission Education, Tee Auster.

capt part 2 3

I let her know her mic was on and that she made me hungry for Cheetos. What she do? “[12:55] Tee Auster passes Zadi a cheeto” LMAO (Side note: I did ask Tee if she minded I share what happened which she didnt .. instead I gave her the link to the SS Blog.. *waves to Tee*) See what I mean about such wonderful people! Most people I know wont share their Cheetos.

Today at the meeting we went over a lot, most of which is on NCs which Co-Captains and myself have like do’s and dont’s of use of logos, advertising and fundraising guidelines. Dwen went over techie stuff and mentioned his how-to videos are on his Youtube Page. Most of the tools this year are the same as last. Team members I will be scheduling a walk-thru demonstration shortly after getting materials which we were told will be March 5th so look for that class shortly thereafter. Sunshine went over events and gave us some teasers, and Serina went over PR stuffs.. Including the RFL of SL Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. If you want to get the word out via social networks, Id make sure you add them.

What I really wanted to focus on from the meeting is something I get questions about every year we do RFL and it was a subject Stingray covered.. Transparency. We get asked where does the money go? How do I know its going there? Let me back up a moment and answer Who is Stingray? He is an American Cancer Society employee that works with the committees each year. He is our go-to-guy. Stingray says a person can be sure the money is going to ACS by checking a few things. Tip 1 – Make sure any donation or item you are buying for RFL goes into an official RFL kiosk or RFL vendor. To do this check the creator of the prim. It should list the creator as relayforlife AmericanCancer. If it doesnt, then its not offical. Offical kiosks and vendors automatically route the money from the person who rezzed them out into the relayforlife AmericanCancer account. The vendor/kiosk will not work unless it is authorized to reroute this. There are other ways to verify it but this is the main one since it is standard.. there are no exceptions to this because we have to follow guidelines. The money we collect for ACS goes to funding programs and research. Programs like Hope Lodge where patients and their families who need to travel for treatment can sleep there so they arent burdened with a hotel bill. The make it possible for patients who need rides to their doctors appointments have transportation to get there. Most importantly the money goes to research so one day (hopefully soon) no one else will lose their life to cancer. If you would like to learn more about that American Cancer Society does I encourage you to take a look at  It really is an amazing site full of information.

capt part 2 2

In closing, I did get a chance to see our coach that is assigned to our team this RFL season. Her name is Tiviyah (pictured above) .. Think I am going to send her a Q&A NC .. If any team members think of any questions they would like me to ask her, let me know asap so I can include it. I look forward to picking her brain.. muahaha

Till Next Time..