Captains Meeting Part 1


Today was part 1 of the Captains Training and I cant tell ya how excited it was to see so many captains from other teams. It was great seeing familiar faces of friends I have met over the past few years since LV formed the official team. Today was pretty much laid back going over the history of RFL in SL, discussing Convio and talking about the RFL schedule.

One of the best things covered today was the history of RFL in SL. It was interesting to learn how RFL got started here in SL and MamaP did an awesome job telling the story. (Im hoping my notes are right, if I get any details wrong, feel free to contact me.) I really did want to share this story because MamaP made a good point.. In order to know where your going, you have to know where you have been. So lets take journey to the past…

In 2004 a SL user by the name of Jade Lily decided she would have a fundraiser in Second Life. 99 avis attended and raised $2000. Jade could see the possibilities and went to ACS with the idea of relaying in SL. Of course they were sceptical but after a bit they agreed and Jade got busy planning. In 2005, while sitting in a dr’s office reading an article published in the New York Times, a woman got inspired reading about the 1st ever 3d virtual world Relay For Life in Second Life. Quickly she became Fayandria Foley and she went in search to find Jade. Back then the SL search engines didnt exist so she did it the old fashioned way… by meeting people and asking them “hey, do you know Jade Lily?” One day while at a clothing store, she met a woman who was dancing… Tayzia Abattoir and she got lucky. Tayzia knew Jade. She introduced Fay to Jade and together in 2006 they raised $41,000 for RFL. (Which was $36,000 more than the 2005 RFL.) If it wasnt for these two ladies, in my opinion, RFL in SL wouldnt of taken off the way it did. Other strong ladies have taken the reigns and lead RFL of SL to even greater success but without the strong foundation laid that Fay and Jade made, it may have taken us longer to get to the point where we are now.

This story helps motivate me as a team captain because I know I have to lay a strong foundation so we can achieve what we are destined to achieve. This years theme is  A Journey of Promise and as one person said today, when you think of a journey, you think of a trip. So my goal this week is to make a itinerary of sorts like one would make planning a vacation and it all starts March 7th – 9th, KickOff Weekend. Opening ceremony is March 8th so make sure you mark your calendars. 

Lastly I want to mention 2 Mega Events RFL is doing this year.  The first, is the Sci-Fi Convention which runs from May 30 to June 8 and it has been an event for the last 7 years. Im actually really embarassed to say this but I NEVER knew such a thing was in SL. When I looked it up I wanted to kick myself! One of the past speakers during the convention was Johnathan Frakes.. (dies).. I bet your asking yourself who is Johnathan Frakes.. He played Wil Riker on Star Trek Next Generation.. being named Imzadi, I am crushed to know I missed him speaking in SL … really crushed! This year I will definitely be checking it out..

The other mega event is a new one this year.. Fiction for a Cure and will run from May 16 to May 26. The website describes this event as “Fiction for a Cure is a new initiative to allow some of the most beloved authors of our first lives to contribute to Relay For Life of Second Life! Some of the top writers in their genres will be offering for auction signed books, personalized books, and limited opportunities for naming rights to fictional characters and places.” Doesnt that sound like fun?? I know Ara will be all into that event because she is a writer too! Most of us at LV love to read and we ready a wide variety of genres too. So I cant wait.

This year will definitely be amazing.. Hope you can join us on the journey..

Till next time..