Relay Rap 02/09/2014


Tonight I decided to go to Arinultra Cay which is the home of T1 Radio and the home of the Relay Rap Studio. Tonight was the first Relay Rap of the season. On the panel today was committee members Nikki Mathieson, Serina Juran, Dawnbean Dreamscape, Randow Darrow, Gem Sunkiller, Sunshine Zhangsun, Dwen Dooley and Stingray9798 Raymaker. For those who dont know, the Relay Rap is a weekly show hosted by Trader Whiplash. Trader covers topics relating to RFL and ACS. Each week he has special guests who talk about various things relating to cancer and relaying in Second Life. I encourage everyone to listen in every Sunday and will post the media URL so you can put it in your land or media player.

This week however the committee members spoke about some pretty fun things, heres what you missed…

Nikki Mathieson is the Committee Chair for 2014 RFL. Today she outlined how the committee is broken up into 4 divisions and who is leading which division and general info related to that division. Gem Sunkiller is head of Internal Support which includes Teams, Survivors & Caregivers. Sunshine Zhangsun is head of Design/Events which includes special events, mega events, Event Day Events in July and the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event. Serina Juran is head of Outreach and PR which includes recruiting, sponsorships, social media, press releases, photography etc. Dwen Dooley is head of Technology dealing with training, customer support, video recording of ceremonys and more. Each Division is broken up into sub-sections. If you would like to know more about those, you can go to the website.

Some of the committee members announced some fun things. Gem let us know at the start of the Relay Rap 69 teams were registered and 5 of which made convio donations. (BTW, LV Silver Screeners were one of those 5!) She let a surprise out that something will be sent out tomorrow but didnt say what it would be. Sunshine let us know they started Paint SL Purple month yesterday Feb 8th as a way to get people excited about kickoff. Paint buckets will be sent out sometime tonight that will include land textures, clothing, posters, you name it and those paint buckets got it to turn your world purple. Kickoff weekend is March 7-9th with the kickoff ceremony on the 8th of March. Serina let us know mission posters are being made highlighting what ACS has been doing with research. Those will be sent out shortly. Finally Dwen reminded us he has new vidoes out showing the changes to kiosks/vendors this year. He also told us the price to Skunk a team has been lowered to 2400L!

In other news, we did learn a person can use paypal to make a donation to the team using the website. You do have to mark down which team you want the donation posted to though. It was also said ACS does not retain account info when you sign up for Convio and that it only saves info when you donated money which means you can make a RL account to give out to family and friends to donate to the team and you can have a SL account to give out to friends/family here which will protect your identity.

Last but not least.. Final totals in for last year. SL raised $393,000 for 2013. This year, the committee set an even higher goal and they are calling it the 401k Cancer Retirement Goal which personally I loved the idea. In all honesty I think 401k is doable for the residents of SL to do and with everyones help reaching out to others I think it can be accomplished. Trader Whiplash did however challenge that.. He said if SL can raise 1 mil this season, he will go bald RL. Are you up for the challenge??

Till next time..